Honoring a Truck Driver and Farmer: A Unique Farewell at Fair Price Funerals

Fair Price Funerals
September 29, 2023
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In a touching tribute to a life well-lived, Fair Price Funerals hosted a remarkable service today to bid farewell to the father of a dear friend. This departed soul was not just an ordinary man; he was a truck driver and a farmer by heart, and his final wishes were as unique as the life he led. Instead of a traditional ceremony, he wanted to be roped and sheeted to our Land Rover hearse, creating a truly unforgettable moment of tribute and remembrance.

A Unique Farewell

The somber gathering at Fair Price Funerals took an unexpected turn as family and friends gathered to celebrate the life of a man who had spent countless hours on the open road and toiling in the fields. It was only fitting that his farewell would be as unique as the journey he had undertaken in his lifetime.

A Life on the Road

The departed soul, known for his adventurous spirit, had spent decades as a truck driver. His love for the open road had taken him to places far and wide, and he had countless stories to share about his travels. To honor this aspect of his life, the family decided to incorporate his beloved Land Rover into the proceedings.

A Passion for Farming

Apart from his trucking adventures, the deceased was also a dedicated farmer. His strong connection to the land was something that defined him, and he had always felt at home amidst the fields and livestock. To pay homage to his farming roots, the family decided on a unique send-off.

Roped and Sheeted to the Land Rover Hearse

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the unconventional way in which the departed soul was transported to his final resting place. Instead of a traditional casket, he was gently roped and sheeted to the Land Rover hearse—a vehicle that had been a constant companion on his journeys.

The Land Rover, now transformed into a symbol of his adventurous spirit, led the procession to the cemetery. As the hearse slowly made its way through the town, it was a sight to behold. Friends and family followed in a convoy of vehicles, creating a moving tribute to a man who had always lived life on his own terms.

The Land Rover Defender hearse, now transformed into a symbol of his adventurous spirit


The farewell ceremony organised by Fair Price Funerals was a poignant reminder that funerals can be deeply personal and reflective of the life that was lived. It showcased the importance of honoring an individual's unique passions and experiences, even in their final moments.

This extraordinary send-off for a truck driver and farmer will be remembered for years to come as a testament to the enduring spirit of adventure and the profound connection one can have with their work and the world around them.


  1. Was this a traditional funeral service?No, it was a unique tribute tailored to the departed's life as a truck driver and farmer.
  2. How did the idea of roping and sheeting to the Land Rover hearse come about?It was a reflection of the departed's love for his Land Rover and his adventurous spirit.
  3. Did the unconventional send-off receive support from family and friends?Yes, the family and friends of the departed were in unanimous agreement to honor his unique wishes.
  4. Was there any religious significance to this farewell?The farewell primarily focused on celebrating the departed's life and passions, rather than religious rituals.
  5. Has Fair Price Funerals organised similar unique farewells in the past?Fair Price Funerals has a history of accommodating personalised funeral arrangements to suit the wishes of the departed and their families.

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