Can I arrange my own direct cremation?

Mark Roebuck
May 25, 2023
5 min read

You can easily organise an unattended cremation through a brief phone call, saving you time and effort. In this process, your deceased loved one will be respectfully collected from the location of their passing and privately cremated at a crematorium without a formal ceremony.

Now, what exactly is an unattended funeral? An unattended funeral refers to a funeral service that doesn't involve the presence of family and friends of the deceased. Instead, the cremation or burial is conducted privately at a crematorium or burial ground. This arrangement can be efficiently handled by either a funeral director or a direct cremation specialist.

After the unattended funeral has taken place, the family and friends can plan a memorial service according to their convenience. This memorial service can take various forms, ranging from a serene picnic in a park to a vibrant fireworks display by the beach or even a heartfelt dinner at the deceased's favourite restaurant. In the case of direct cremation, it is even possible to have the loved one's ashes present during the memorial service.

So, how does an unattended cremation work? It is a cremation procedure that does not involve a formal ceremony. Consequently, there will be no service or invited guests during the cremation itself. This option is particularly cost-effective for families who need to be mindful of their expenses.

Typically, families opt to hold a memorial service once the ashes of their loved one have been returned to them. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

  1. Collection of the deceased: Your loved one's body will be collected from the place of death, which could be a hospital, their residence, a mortuary, or a care home.
  2. Transportation and preparation: The body will be transported to a crematorium, where it will be identified with a physical tag and prepared for the cremation process.
  3. Cremation procedure: A highly professional team will carry out the cremation, which generally takes approximately two to three hours.
  4. Collection of ashes: The loved one's ashes will be gathered in a temporary urn, and you will be notified once the cremation has been completed.
  5. Delivery of ashes: A representative will contact you to arrange the hand-delivery of your loved one's ashes.

Now, let's discuss the cost of an unattended cremation. Fair Price Funerals offers an unattended cremation service at a cost of £895, which is significantly lower than the average cremation expenses in the UK. This comprehensive service includes the following:

  • Transfer of your loved one's remains from anywhere in England and Wales to our care
  • Preparation of all necessary paperwork for the cremation
  • The cremation fee itself
  • Professional handling of the cremation process
  • Hand-delivery of the ashes back to you
  • A dedicated individual to assist you throughout the entire process

However, please note that there may be additional fees in certain cases, as outlined below:

  • Doctor's fees (£82)
  • Complex collection fee (£250)

To obtain an accurate estimate for your specific unattended cremation, feel free to contact our team at 0161 427 0630 for a complimentary quote.

Who chooses an unattended cremation? In most cases, the family of the deceased assumes the responsibility of selecting the type of funeral arrangement. However, if your loved one left a will, they might have specified their preference for an unattended cremation, similar to the well-known case of David Bowie in 2016.

If your loved one did not express any specific funeral wishes, and you're uncertain whether an unattended cremation is suitable for them, Please call us to discuss on 0161 427 0630

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